Calypso by Servomuto

The mission of our new mood boards is to show the products from a new sensory perspective and give you a valuable source of ideas for your interior projects.

Take Calypso for example, which is becoming one of the most iconic and highly recognisable products of the brand, thanks to an unexpected combination of patterns, bright colours and diffused light. Calypso is a reinterpretation, by Servomuto Design, of the 1940s lampshades, with references to South American atmospheres, hence its exotic name.

We all know the indoor version, and we had already tasted the Caribbean vibes with the Calypso Outdoor hanging lights. Now, Contardi and Servomuto have decided to add the floor version to the family, always outdoor and IP65. The product is available in two versions: with shade and table or with two shades in the same finish. The lower part of the structure is lacquered in the same black finish as the table, while the upper part has a copper green finish.

This product is a clear statement about the importance of creating a strong link between our indoor and outdoor spaces. This is the Contardi way to do outdoor.

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