Taking the indoor outside

Whether we live in a small city apartment, a villa in the middle of the countryside or a house with sea view, interior design should increase our connection to the natural environment. 

Like a trait d’union, which brings the same decorative characteristics of the interior design to the open-air, our aim is to create a strong bond between the indoor and outdoor spaces, retaining the same key features for both indoor and outdoor luminaires from an aesthetic and tailoring point of view, though always keeping in mind the practical side, that is, the intended use of the object.

When we talk about an outdoor product by Contardi, we are talking about an IP65-rated product and marine-grade finish, and therefore a real outdoor item tested to withstand harsh sailing conditions.

Today, Contardi’s outdoor collection, with more than 80 codes in our catalogue, is one of the largest in the decorative lighting market.

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