Chatting with... Massimiliano Raggi

C: Favourite music artist or band?

M: I am a child of the 80s, therefore I would say Sade.

C: A cocktail?

M: I prefer bubbly.

C: Let's move on to design.. Minimalism or Maximalism?

M: I think they are outdated definitions when we talk about style. I believe that when we conceive an interior or an object, it is more interesting to talk about personality and interpretation.

I have always thought that when designing something and drawing on the archive of one's own memory, it is important to have visual, cultural information, and to know how to mix it in order to seek harmony, strength and personality in a product.

C: The master or the masters of design who made you who you are today?

M: My references are many and heterogeneous, in both the styles and personalities of design, for classical, modern and contemporary architecture. I can say that my influences come from northern Europe. I have always admired Belgian and French interior designers; but in particular, many of the Italian architects and designers who between the 60s and 80s designed products and collections known all over the world, and who have gained international recognition for Italian design.

"When we talk about style. I believe that when we conceive an interior or an object, it is more interesting to talk about personality and interpretation."

C: Favourite architecture or monument?

M: Milan's central station: a timeless, austere, elegant architecture, full of details to discover.

C: What does it mean to design a lighting product?

M: Generally, first of all I think about what destination it will have, and where I will be able to use it. I immediately rely on my creativity by sketching some ideas and shapes in my notebook, and also writing down some references.

Then I do research to understand what is on the market; I try to understand if it will have a decorative, emotional, or more technical character and perception.

Obviously then the technical and technological part is fundamental, and the relationship with the company that produces and markets it becomes essential.

Massimiliano Raggi

C: How was it and how is it working with Contardi?

M: From the beginning it was an extraordinary experience for me, due to our many affinities. The technical skills, professionalism, and the outlook of Contardi's products immediately gave me a stimulus to build a deep and lasting collaboration and give my best. Contardi has always made me feel at home, and from our understanding and collaboration products were born that are still in the collection today after many years, and are appreciated.

C: How was the collection born? What inspired you?

M: For the new products, I worked on the concept of lightness and simplicity. To create luminous, elementary and usable pieces.

C: Three words with which you would describe your product for Contardi.

M: Personality, technology, detail.

C: What will lighting be like in the future?

M: I believe a revolution is underway and there is great public awareness in the field of renewable energy, low consumption, and in the sector of using eco-friendly materials. I believe that as designers and architects, we will have to be increasingly aware and always integrate this reflection when we are designing an object that will have a production cycle, and a life inside or outside the environments where we live and move.

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