Contardi outdoor vibes

With its updated layout in Milan's light district of Corso Monforte 20, our showroom showcases three sizes of the Clara outdoor collection of battery lamps, design by Chiara Caberlon in collaboration with Marco Forbicioni, which combines innovative design with functionality.

Clara by Chiara Caberlon in collaboration with Marco Forbicioni
Muse Lantern Outdoor by Tristan Auer
Cube Outdoor by Massimiliano Raggi

Through careful study of the space, an exhibition is created that enhances every light of the outdoor collection. Visitors can experience the lamps in different contexts through evocative settings and curated sets.

Among the collections in the showroom are Clara, Muse Lantern Outdoor, and Cube Outdoor.

Find out more about Contardi's outdoor collection:

CONTARDI SHOWROOM Corso Monforte 20, Milan Tuesday - Saturday 10am - 1pm | 2pm - 7pm

Stylist Sara Dassi Manuela Colombo Partner Wall&Decò Desalto spa Roda Frigerio poltrone e divani Photo Marco Reggi

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