Chiara Caberlon

Founded in 2004 by Chiara Caberlon and Ermanno Caroppi, with the aim to develop novel tailor-made hospitality concepts, the studio has been specialising in different categories of luxury hôtellerie, ranging from historic, business, and boutique hotels, to resorts.
With more than 200 finalised projects around the world, CaberlonCaroppi’s design adapts both to the client’s brief, but also deeply analyses and interprets the venue, to reveal an eclectic and innovative approach, as well as the expertise in bespoke projects.
Each new project starts from the analysis of the location, the “genius loci”, the guardian spirit of a place, and it is translated into every detail: from the architectural project, to the customised interior design and furnishings, the colours and the ambience, up to the corporate image and even the naming of the hotel.

Designed products

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