Ecrin Blanc Resort, Courchevel - France

The perfect glow for an alpine retreat

Cube, one of the stars of our collection, has been chosen to illumiinate the stunning interiors of the gourmet restaurant at the Ecrin Blanc Resort in Courchevel, France.

Described as a “Savoyard jewel”, this chic hotel embodies the traditional charm and character of the Savoie region – making it a true haven for visitors seeking both adventure and relaxation in the majestic mountain surroundings.

For the Ecrin Blanc project, the indoor variant of the Cube floor lamp has been modified according to customer requirements and hung on the wall with a metal bracket. The standard outside brushed bronze finish and the inside gold tones of the lamp, combined with the room’s winter colors, create the right atmosphere.

After a day spent skiing in the mountains, there’s nothing better than returning to this cosy environment, where light – both natural and artificial – becomes the star of the whole experience.

Contardi specialises in bespoke products aimed at the contract market – especially the hospitality industry – creates customized lighting that adapts to different projects.

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