Contardi and the environment

An update about our commitment to saving the environment and our approach to sustainability.

Our company is advocate of the concept of considerate design and we are more and more committed to reducing our environmental impact with a clear set of targets that we aim to achieve in the near future and that we would like to share with you:


For several years we have used carton boxes from recycled and natural materials, and we have extensively removed single-use plastic and replaced it with more environmentally friendly options. Our target is to completely replace all the less sustainable materials without compromising on the quality and safety of our packages.


We regard ourselves as a company that undergoes a continuous evolution and, for this reason, we periodically update our collection with new products and finishes. The products to be launched in 2021 will also include luminaires produced with materials that have a 100% organic origin, for example cellulose and coffee grounds.

Zero Miles Policy

90% of our suppliers’ network is located in a 15-kilometer radius so ensuring a tight connection between our firm and the large majority of the players involved in the production of our lamps and drastically reducing environmental pollution.

Work environment and recycling

Employees’ wellbeing is very important for us and we are committed to provide a safe and healthy environment to our valuable workforce.

Moreover, the large majority of the waste materials we deal with (i.e. plastic, wood, metal, etc.) are recycled. We have also developed an internal policy, which ensures that all the non-perishable materials that can be reused are given a second life: this allows a smaller impact on the environment as well as a higher company efficiency.

Please download our full Sustainability Policy and let us have your comments. Thank you!

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