Partner Display Features

Helping our partners show our products in the best light.

Here at Contardi we are highly client-focused and constantly striving to find specific solutions to meet the needs of our partners. As part of our many initiatives to work well with our precious collaborators, furniture and lighting showrooms to name a couple, we thought of designing artwork samples of exhibition spaces or corners created by our very own art director, Massimiliano Raggi.

The display artworks show examples and tips on how to combine different products in the same environment, and these can feature indoor lights, outdoor lights, or a mix of the two. Depending on the available space which can be allocated to our display luminaires within a given location, the design aims to blend in with the rest of the space and create added value for the partner’s showroom.

The artworks will become part of a collection from which the clients can select whichever display is right for them. Added to this, if they need something specific for a particular space, our graphic design department will be able to come up with an ad-hoc solution. Our partners, as always, can count on us for complimentary accessories and assistance with a smile.

If you wish to have a personalized Contardi Outdoor Corner inside your showroom, please contact our Sales Department at

Outdoor Corner Examples

Corner Outdoor Contardi Silver - versione 1

Corner Outdoor Contardi Silver - versione 2

Corner Outdoor Contardi Platinum

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