Mikado so

A collection of “jewel” lamps characterised by the combination of rectangular brass tubes and slanted cubes in engraved crystal, with two types of workmanship. The apparently random juxtaposition (hence the name “Mikado”) in fact follow a precise and balanced scheme. The LED sources, inserted in the tubes so as to showcase the preciousness of the crystal, make Mikado a high-performance decorative product that is compatible with home automation systems.

Year of release: 2017

Light source:
10 x 4W
LED module
Light emission: 5.600 Lm
3000 K; CRI: >90

Phase cut dimming/Triac - alternative dimming systems (DALI and 1-10V) available on demand


Satin brass


Transparent crystals engraved
Transparent crystals prismatic
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