Stick so

Small l.90 / Large l.150


Precious simplicity. Triangular elements with pure, essential lines, which emanate an atmospheric light while being functional. Light takes the leading role, thanks to the ribbed diffuser, chosen specifically to produce unique plays of illumination in various contexts.
An aesthetically minimalist product, Stick is technically made to a very high standard, with no screws or attachments, except on the back. Studiopepe has conceived art gallery objects like this triple suspension, which can be used in simpler settings such as bathrooms, corridors, retail, residential, offices and workspaces. Pure and architectural elements are combined within a lighting unit of great character.
Stick lights its surroundings evenly when seen from the front; however, depending on the viewing angle, it creates different light effects. Currently, the Stick product range includes different versions, both wall-mounted and suspended.

Light source:
1 x 40W
Custom LED
Light emission: 3.750 Lm
2.700 K; CRI: >90

1 x 65W
Custom LED
Light emission: 6.250 Lm
2.700 K; CRI: >90

DALI/Push dimmable.
Other dimmiing systems available on request


Satin gold nickel
Satin copper


Striped plexiglass

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