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Tenebra is the first IP65 rechargeable battery suspension lamp of Contardi outdoor collection. Available in two different variants: Tenebra with spot light without diffuser and Tenebra Crystal with diffuser in "synthetic crystal". The synthetic crystal diffusers give colour and three-dimensionality to the light. Available in battery-powered or wired versions, the battery-powered version, with about 9 hour autonomy, can be recharged through a USB type-C port commonly used for latest-generation smartphones and tablets. Supplied with accessories and steel cable to be "hooked" and installed in a wide variety of contexts, from a tree branch to a pergola arbour rather than an outdoor tent.
Switch by the pressure of the tube.

Year of release: 2022

Light source:
1 x 3W
LED module
Light emission: 500 Lm
2.700K; CRI: >90

Autonomy: 7/8 hours
Life cycles: 600
Charging time: 5/6 hours
USB cable type C supplied, charger adapter not supplied



Matt black lacquered
Rose gold lacquered
Silver lacquered


Syntethic crystal Crystal Macedonia
Syntethic crystal Amber Venezia
Syntethic crystal grey lens
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