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London’s oldest traditions and its technological future meet at the NH Hotel

The Belle pendant lamps have become part of the family of the NH open-house in London, an inspirational lifestyle hotel in the heart of the trendy East End.

NH City Road has recently opened its doors – literally, since the hotel is open 24/7 – and is the latest link in the NH chain established in other popular European cities.

The brief for the hotel’s design was 'Old London Reloaded’. London-based architectural practice Project Orange has interpreted this in a playful and unexpected way, referring back to some of the great traditions of the city, whilst looking forward to a more exciting technological future.

The idea behind the inspirational concept is to make its guests feel at home in a relaxing yet  thought-provoking environment, thanks to the interior’s innovative design and bespoke art. The layout of the venue places most of the public space at ground-floor level; therefore, it was essential to impress visitors upon arrival, by connecting various areas through a narrative that transforms familiar London icons into dramatic and interactive installations.

With their evocative gold-finished silhouette, the Belle suspension lights – designed by Staffan Tollgard for Contardi – have been selected by Project Orange to illuminate the aptly named Bell & Whistle restaurant, which is an unconventional version of a traditional public house.

The characterful bell-shaped lamps, reminiscent of the famous city church bells, gently illuminate the space. When the classic bell shape is lit, it is both beautiful and functional; and when unlit it remains a decorative object with an almost sacred appeal. The braided silk rope conceals the lighting cable, while adding a touch of timeless elegance to the object.

Belle proves that for Contardi, style always complements substance, in creating products which are aesthetically pleasing and practical at the same time.

Find out how our team of lighting professionals can help you realise your hospitality project at www.contardi-italia.com

Interior design: Project Orange | Photography: Guido Pijper | Client: NH Hotel | Belle so, designed by Staffan Tollgard

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