STICK, by Studiopepe

Inspired by the most essential polygon, Stick lamps, starting from a base module with a triangular section, allows infinite configurations.

Already available in applique and pendant versions, the new Stick floor version is characterized by a minimalist design and interprets lighting in its most artistic and evocative value.

Stick floor is the result of the virtuous combination of the creative flair of designers and the strength of a brand that possesses cutting-edge technical know-how.



“The purity we wanted to achieve with Stick has been reached thanks tocollaboration with the technical staff and the luminous performance of Contardi. To design every constructive detail, down to the smallest, together with theirtheme has permitted us to obtain a prism of extreme refinement, simple andessential on the outside, but containing complex technology.”


In Stick floor the light emanates, skillfully modulated, through a diffuser with a ribbed glass effect, contained within a metal extrusion in satin copper and gold nickel finishes.

Stick collection

Stick is also available in applique and suspension versions.

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