Marcello Colli

Marcello Colli graduated in design and communication and later worked as a freelance in the design and fashion sector. In 2005 he started collaborations for the Italian market with some foreign design companies. In 2009 Marcello Colli began collaborating with Maurizio Di Mauro Architetto, and together they created a new internal division dedicated to industrial design and consultancy for companies. The studio still collaborates directly with Italian companies in the furniture and lighting sector, both as artistic direction and as industrial design. Marcello Colli works as interior designer and light designer by developing interior projects from lighting design to the creation of custom products and lamps. In 2018 he started a collaboration with Xform, industrial design studio based in Reggio Emilia and Shanghai, creating a new branch of the studio dedicated entirely to lighting. In 2019, together with Xform, he started providing advise to some companies in the East.

Designed products

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