Solitario PL

PL H.10 / PL H.25

Solitario is first of all a customizable system. The main cylindrical body containing the GU10 light source is the fulcrum of the whole product family. Combined with different types of spheres and accessories it creates numerous possibilities of use, offering a variety of options for residential or commercial projects. Through the repeated use of multiple canopies, with Solitario you can "bring" light in very large rooms, starting from a single point of supply. Representative model of the "Deco-architectural" category.

Year of release: 2015

Light source:
1 X GU10
LED light bulb
Light Emission: 870 Lm
3.000 K; CRI: >90


Matt Light Satin Bronze
Matt Black Silk Lacquered

Diffuser Spheres

Flood - Diffused light
Smoke - Decorative light
Spot - Spot light

Diffuser Lenses

Lens Engraved
Lens Flood
Lens Spot

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