Contract Projects

Ecrin Blanc Resort, Courchevel - France

The perfect glow for an alpine retreat

A true paradise of land and sea: Domaine de Rochevilaine, Billiers

Contardi has created uniquely atmospheric lighting for this tranquil marine haven in southern Brittany

When in Rome…The newly opened Hoxton Hotel, Rome

Contardi reimagines vintage lamps to give a nostalgic feel to the hotel’s interiors, inspired by the great classics of Italian cinema

The Mayfair Townhouse - London

Contardi lighting illuminates the recently revamped Mayfair Townhouse

Lutetia Hotel, Paris

Contardi Contract Division has supplied the lighting for the renovation of the 5* Lutetia Hotel in Paris, an iconic landmark situated in the vibrant Saint-Germain-des-prés area, on the renowned “Rive Gauche”.
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