Kiki Connect

Kiki responds to the demanding demands of the market and expresses the arched-decorative concept of the brand, where functional and eclectic lighting is at the service of the most innovative architects and interior designers.

Calypso applique

To complete the rich collection consisting of pendant and floor lamps in indoor and outdoor variants, new in the catalog for 2024 is the new version Calypso Applique that, characterized by the iconic pattern, find the right location both in the living and bedroom area.

Bianca collection

Presented on the occasion of Euroluce 2023 in the pendant and wall sconce version with a cross structure, the Bianca lamp collection by Dainelli studio sees an expansion of the range with floor, table and new wall sconce versions.

Clara by Chiara Caberlon

CLARA, the lantern that makes every evening magical

Fly floor collection

Born from Massimiliano Raggi’s creative flair, the Fly family embodies the desire to offer a light with a strong identity, yet delicate expressive force.

BAGGY, by Paola Navone - OTTO Studio

Collection of lamps with an informal and playful mood: Baggy, by Paola Navone - OTTO Studio

STICK, by Studiopepe

Inspired by the most essential polygon, the triangle, the Stick lamps by Studiopepe, interpret the lighting in its most artistic and evocative

FLY, by Massimiliano Raggi

Product with a strong expressive force and at the same time light: Fly, by Massimiliano Raggi

BIANCA, by Dainelli Studio

Functional product, unique and attractive: Bianca, designed by Dainelli Studio.

CLARA, by Chiara Caberlon

Clara: versatile, dynamic and transversal lighting. The new lamp designed by Chiara Caberlon
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