KIKI, by Contardi Studio

Modular, functional and decorative product: Kiki, by Contardi Studio

AIR, by Adam Tihany

Design, innovation and recyclability: new frontiers for greener lighting

ASIA, by Federico Peri

Asia, by Federico Peri: a collection characterized by a clean and linear form, with a strong personality.

CALYPSO, by Servomuto

Inspired by the art deco period and South American and tropical culture, the Calypso collection, by Servomuto, is a best seller by Contardi

LAGOON, by Servomuto

Lagoon, by Servomuto: outdoor collection inspired by the rigour and simplicity of Tyhpa

TENEBRA, by Jan Van Lierde

Tenebra, available in indoor and outdoor versions, battery or wired, thanks to its minimal design and refined finishes, is suitable for any type of environment, such as reception, restaurants and bars.

CALYBABU, by Massimiliano Raggi

Different matches for different spaces: choose your favorite pouf.

Miss Nightingale: back to Nature

Contardi Lighting is excited to announce the agreement with the renowned Dutch designer Annet van Egmond to become the sole distributor of a new lighting concept entirely powered by Nature.

G+T Battery by Jeffrey Glass

The next generation of task lighting that doesn’t compromise on style or efficiency.
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