Contardi has an extensive design collection of highly functional indoor and outdoor lighting, aimed at the luxury residential market. The company also caters specifically to interior designers that require bespoke solutions for the leisure and hospitality sector – such as in boutique stores, hotels, restaurants yachts, and more. 


Indoor and Outdoor products


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From Value Engineered to totally bespoke products
As the word itself suggests, these offerings are custom-made, and based on the designer’s or client’s concept, with absolutely no limitation in terms of style and materials.
Versions of the standard collection which have been engineered according to the project’s requirements and client’s budget.
Modified versions of the standard collection designed to meet the requirements of the designers and clients, without structural changes.


A selection of the 2023 new collections, together with some of Contardi’s iconic lamps, were exhibited at Hotel Interior Experience (HIX) 2023 in London
Maison Diez 2023: a space where art and lighting come together to create a unique atmosphere in which lamps are the real characters.
The perfect glow for an alpine retreat
The Contardi collection offers various finishes, fabrics and textures to liven up your home with autumn shades, infusing a warm and inviting atmosphere.
Born from Massimiliano Raggi’s creative flair, the Fly family embodies the desire to offer a light with a strong identity, yet delicate expressive force.
New spirits and flavours have conquered the cocktail lesson, held at our showroom in New York, in the Soho district.
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